Living At Home/Block Nurse Program
The Living at Home/Block Nurse Program provides services to keep you or a loved one living at home for as long as possible, priority given to those 60 years of age or older. Services vary by city but may include rides for in and out of town travels, friendly visits/friendships, exercise classes, Christmas baskets and more.

Living at Home/Block Nurse Program

Rural Transportation Collaborative (RTC)
RTC is a partnership program that coordinates volunteer drivers to transport those who have no other means of transportation or cannot drive. RTC is a curb to curb, mileage based public transportation volunteer driver program. People are transported for medical, dental, court, visitations and other approved purposes.
Agency Name: Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc.
Contact: 1.866.884.2695

Transportation Services
Transportation services for medical purposes are available through Marshall County Social Services.
Agency: Marshall County Social Services
Contact: 218.745.5124

Tri-Valley Heartland Express (T.H.E. Bus)
T.H.E. Bus is a curb-to-curb service and provides public transportation services to the general public. Our public transit buses are available with no age limits or income guidelines. Transportation services are used for a variety of reasons, which include; medical, nutritional, social, recreational, shopping, work, school, and other personal activities.
Agency Name: Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc.
Contact: 1.800.201.3432