Healthy Activities and Quality of Life

Area Agency on Aging
The Land of the Dancing Sky is one of Minnesota’s seven Area Agencies on Aging. They are a focal point for helping individuals live well as they age in their communities. They help older adults; the communities in which they live and the public, nonprofit and private organizations that support them. Services may include but are not limited to: Caregiver Planning & Support, Senior Housing Options, Senior Nutrition & Meals, In-Home Care, Long-Term Care, Medicare/Medicaid, Nursing Home, Senior Centers, Transportation and more.
Agency: Land of the Dancing Sky Area Agency on Aging
Contact: 218.745.6733

Healthy Activities
Please visit these websites for healthy activities in each city in Marshall County:

Living At Home/Block Nurse Program
The Living at Home/Block Nurse Program provides services to keep you or a loved one living at home for as long as possible, priority given to those 60 years of age or older. Services vary by city but may include rides for in and out of town travels, friendly visits/friendships, exercise classes, Christmas baskets and more.

Northwest Minnesota Arts Council

Arts Councils were established in 1976 as a vehicle to distribute funds and provide direct services for arts activities. With region-wide membership comprised of professional artists, arts educators, volunteers with community arts organizations, and arts enthusiasts, the Council encourages all the arts.
Agency: Northwest Minnesota Arts Council
Contact: 218.745.8886

Senior Centers

Senior Centers provide activities and other services to seniors throughout Marshall County, Minnesota.

  • Agency: Alvarado Senior Citizens Center
    Address: 1st Ave., Alvarado, MN 56710
    Contact: 218.965.4504

  • Agency: Argyle
    Address: Argyle Mall, 708 Pacific Ave., Argyle, MN 56713
    Contact: 218-437-8431

  • Agency: Grygla Senior Center
    Address: 127 N. Main, Grygla, MN 56727
    Contact: 218-294-6200

  • Agency: Middle River Senior Community Center
    Address: 335 4th St. N., Middle River, MN 56737
    Contact: 218-222-3608

  • Agency: Newfolden Senior Citizens Center
    Address: E 1st St., Newfolden, MN 55738
    Contact: 218.874.7137

  • Agency: Oslo Senior Center
    Address: 107 3rd Ave. S, Oslo, MN 56744
    Contact: 218.695.3842

  • Agency: Stephen Senior Center (Stephen Community Center)
    Address: 319 5th St., Stephen, MN 56757
    Contact: 218.478.3092

  • Agency: Warren Senior Citizens Center
    Address: 110 W Johnson Ave. #4, Warren, MN 56762
    Contact: 218.745.5352