Adult Health

Case Management
Provides assistance to individuals who desire to gain access to services, authorize and coordinate services provided through the Minnesota Department of Human Services waivered services, monitor the delivery of services adjusting them to meet the individual’s continuing needs and advocate for the right of the individual to assure his or her health safety.
Agency: Marshall County Social Services
Contact: 218.745.5124

Personal Care Assistance
Personal care assistance services help a person with day-to-day activities in their home and community. PCAs help people with activities of daily living, health-related procedures and tasks, observation and redirection of behaviors and instrumental activities of daily living for adults.
Agency: Marshall County Social Services
Contact: 218.745.5124

Adult Immunizations
Immunizations are available in the office by appointment for adults 19 and older who are eligible for the Uninsured and Underinsured Adult Vaccines Program. Eligibility includes those who are uninsured or those who are insured but vaccines are not covered. Immunizations are also provided to adults on a state-funded insurance plan.
Agency: North Valley Public Health
Contact: 218.745.5154

Foot Care Clinics
North Valley Public Health provides Foot Care Clinics at several locations throughout Marshall County. Contact our office for more information. The cost is $20.
Agency: North Valley Public Health
Contact: 218.745.5154

Health Promotion
Improve the health of individuals and communities through education, behavioral change, and environmental improvement.
Agency: North Valley Public Health
Contact: 218.745.5154

MNsure is a marketplace where Minnesotans can shop, compare and choose health insurance coverage that meets their needs. MNsure is the only place where consumers can qualify for financial help either through federal tax credits or through MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance. Click here to apply.
Agency: MNsure
Contact: 1.855.366.7873
Agency: Tri-Valley Opportunity Council
Contact: 1.800.584.7020
Agency: Inter-County Community Council
Contact: 1.888.778.4008
Agency: Northwest Community Action, Inc.
Contact: 1.800.568.5329

Use MNbenefits to get help paying for family planning (birth control, etc), long term care (like a nursing home), or other medical expenses.
Agency: MNbenefits

North Valley Health Center, located in Warren, MN, is a primary care medical facility comprised of a Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic built on a history of providing compassionate, quality care to residents of Northwestern Minnesota for over one hundred years. It provides: family and specialty care, procedures, inpatient care and swingbed, physical therapy, imaging and laboratory services, 24-hour emergency room, and a variety of other medical services.

Agency: North Valley Health Center
Contact: 218.745.4211 | Toll-Free: 800.950.6986

Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP)
The goal of the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) is to help Minnesotans live longer, healthier lives by preventing the leading causes of chronic disease: tobacco and obesity. SHIP launched as part of Minnesota’s Vision for a Better State of Health, the bipartisan health reform package enacted in 2008. SHIP makes it easier for Minnesotans to choose healthier behaviors by making changes in the places where we live, learn, work, and play.
Agency: North Valley Public Health
Contact: 218.745.5154

Home and Community-Based Services
Marshall County Group Homes provides residential services for individuals with disabilities by providing choices and opportunities. To accomplish this, the programs are designed and developed to respect dignity and allow as much independence as possible to assure the individual's happiness. Services can be provided in a small 4-bed facility or in the individual's home.
Agency: Marshall County Group Homes, Inc.
Contact: 218.437.6695

Adult Health Screenings
On site health screenings offered to businesses in Marshall County including height, weight, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, total blood cholesterol and fasting blood sugar. Please contact for prices and availability.
Agency: North Valley Public Health
Contact: 218.745.5154

Behavioral Health
Sanford Behavioral Health focuses on helping individuals in the workplace and community who are struggling with anxiety, depression, psychological and emotional stress reactions and behavioral needs. Our experienced Psychiatrists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Psychologists and Therapists provide a variety of therapeutic strategies to reduce symptoms, improve life skills and help people regain control of their lives. We offer outpatient, partial hospital and inpatient services for adults and outpatient care for children and adolescents. We work with individuals and families to deal with relationship difficulties, pressure at home, at work and through life transitions. Sanford Behavioral Health is dedicated to providing the best psychiatric and psychological care in the region and is available 24/7 to meet people's needs.
Agency: Sanford Behavioral Health Center
Contact: 218.683.4351
Crisis Line: 1.800.422.0863