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Use ApplyMN to apply online for food stamps (SNAP), emergency assistance, child care assistance, and general assistance in Marshall County, MN.

What is SNAP?

SNAP, also called Food Stamps, is a program that helps people with low incomes pay for nutritious food. It helps kids to grow up strong and adults live healthy lives. SNAP does not pay for all the food that a person or a family needs each month, just some of it. People use an EBT card at the store to access their SNAP benefits.

Apply for SNAP online with the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Then, your application is sent to Marshall County, MN to determine eligibility. SNAP recipients also get a local case manager!

Marshall County Resource Group

Marshall County Resource Group was formed to bring together various resources available to residents of Marshall County, MN. The group involves several entities to ensure resources of all types are included in a convenient digital tool.

Our mission is to effectively and efficiently deliver essential services to families and individuals so they can achieve their potential through active community participation and to protect, promote and improve the health and quality of life in Marshall County, MN.

Cities in Marshall County, MN include Warren, Middle River, Oslo, Newfolden, Stephen, Alvarado, Argyle, Strandquist, Holt, Grygla and Viking, MN. There are also 40 townships in the county. All are welcome to apply for food stamps (SNAP), subsidized housing, emergency assistance, and other resources highlighted on this website.

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