Senior Services

Care Services

Area Agency on Aging
The Land of the Dancing Sky is one of Minnesota’s seven Area Agencies on Aging. They are a focal point for helping individuals live well as they age in their communities. They help older adults; the communities in which they live and the public, nonprofit and private organizations that support them. Services may include but are not limited to: Caregiver Planning & Support, Senior Housing Options, Senior Nutrition & Meals, In-Home Care, Long-Term Care, Medicare/Medicaid, Nursing Home, Senior Centers, Transportation and more.
Agency: Land of the Dancing Sky Area Agency on Aging
Contact: 218.745.6733

Assisted Living
North Star Assisted Living community strives to offer every resident the assistance they need when they need it. Our spacious one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are designed for people who need some health care assistance, but not full-time skilled nursing care. At North Star Assisted Living we take pride in personalizing your individual care needs. We use a team approach and a plan of care that is right for each resident.
Agency: North Star Manor Assisted Living Community
Contact: 218.745.4125

Care Coordination

Provides care coordination to individuals who reside in a Nursing Facility through the Minnesota Senior Health Options program and who have the Special Needs Basic Care program and live in the community.
Agency: Marshall County Social Services
Contact: 218.745.5124

Caring Companion Program
The Caring Companion Program is an essential community-based service based on the principle that in-home care can help prevent premature nursing home placement. Caring Companions are adults 50 and older who assist seniors to achieve this goal.
Agency Name: Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc.
Contact: 1.800.584.7020

Case Management/Care Coordination

To coordinate Alternative Care, Elderly Waiver, Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals, Brain Injury and Developmental Disability services. Assistance provided to eligible consumers that includes health risk assessment, coordinated care planning, connections to community services and identifies service providers.
Agency: Marshall County Social Services
Contact: 218.745.5124

Foot Care Clinics
North Valley Public Health provides Foot Care Clinics at several locations throughout Marshall County. Contact our office for more information. There is a minimal cost.
Agency: North Valley Public Health
Contact: 218.745.5154

Foster Grandparent Program
Foster Grandparent volunteers share their experiences and talents to improve the lives of children in need. You can help children develop the skills, confidence, and strength to succeed in life. Foster Grandparents make their neighborhoods stronger by helping children with special/exceptional needs achieve their goals.
Agency Name: Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc.
Contact: 1.800.584.7020

Group Homes

Marshall County Group Homes provides residential services for individuals with disabilities by providing choices and opportunities. To accomplish this, the programs are designed and developed to respect dignity and allow as much independence as possible to assure the individual's happiness. Services can be provided in a small 4-bed facility or in the individual's home.
Agency: Marshall County Group Homes, Inc.
Contact: 218.437.6695

Home Care Providers
The services provided support the independence of the individual and offer the highest quality care when needed, whether it is a self-directed program of personal care assistance or consumer-directed community supports; home health aide as well as providing customized living services in assisted living facilities.
Agency: Accra
Contact: 1.866.935.3515

Home Care Providers
Altru Home Services is an interdisciplinary team trained to help patients live more independently in their own homes. Altru Home Services provide Hospice Care for the surrounding area.
Agency: Altru Home Services
Contact: 701.780.5880 | Toll-Free: 1.800.545.5615 ext. 5880

Home Care Providers
Home health services from the Good Samaritan Society provide people with healthcare assistance in their homes, while offering support and respite for their loved ones. Staff members include registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, and rehabilitation therapists.
Agency: Good Samaritan Home Care
Contact: 1.855.398.0612

Home Care Providers
Minnesota’s Personal Care Assistance program is designed to support people of all ages with disabilities to live independently in the community. Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) provide services to people who need help with activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living and health-related functions such as dressing, grooming, bathing, eating, and mobility. PCAs also provide hands on assistance, supervision, redirection and intervention for behavior including observation and monitoring.
Agency: Home at Heart Care
Contact: 218.776.3508

Living at Home/Block Nurse Program (LAH/BNP)
The Warren Living at Home/Block Nurse Program (LAH/BNP) helps senior citizens stay in their own homes longer with a better quality of life. The program's mission is to strengthen the community by enhancing the quality of people's lives. LAH/BNP offer home visits, volunteer services, transportation, nutrition and wellness classes and other services for homebound and senior citizens in the Warren, Alvarado, Oslo communities.
Agency: Living at Home/Block Nurse Program
Contact: 218.745.4005

Alvarado | Oslo | Warren
Agency: Warren Living At Home Block Nurse Program
Contact: 218.745.4005

Agency: H.O.P.E. Argyle
Contact: 218.437.8431

Holt | Newfolden | Viking
Agency: Tri-Community Living At Home
Contact: 218.874.2256

Middle River - Thief Lake
Agency: Middle River Thief Lake Living At Home
Contact: 218.222.4466

Agency: Stephen Living At Home
Contact: 218.478.3834

Nursing Home Facilities
Good Samaritan Society includes home and community-based services, rehab and skilled care, along with a variety of senior living options including assisted living apartments, basic care apartments, budget-friendly senior apartments, manufactured housing, memory care assisted living, senior apartments, senior housing and twin homes or duplexes.
Agency: Good Samaritan Society
Contact: 218.745.5282

Senior Housing | Assisted Living | Housing with Services
Enjoy peace of mind and complete confidence during your retirement years. The professional caregivers at North Star Manor make life safer and easier with a full range of quality lifestyle options.
Depending on your individual needs, choose from the independence of our Senior Living apartments, the supportive help of our Assisted Living, or the full service of Long-Term Care.
Take comfort in knowing that North Star Manor shares a physical connection to North Valley Health Center, one of Northwest Minnesota’s premier hospitals.
Agency: North Star Manor
Contact: 218.745.5282